Supermarket pos Management Software

 Miall supermarket POS software is commercial management system specifically aiming at large, small and medium-sized supermarkets and convenience stores that only need functions of stocking and collecting money. It is perfect combination of modern commercial management pattern and computer information technology. The practical, easy and cure function is to manage commodity stock, cashier and inventory, etc., logistics business. Users can inquire merchandise inventory and purchase-sell-stock management system at anytime, commodities at any time quantum, and sales status of cashiers, etc., important statistical data in operation control.

  It is rapid and easy to be used. Users can use this software, as long as they know how to use WINDOW basic operation. They need not to financial and warehouse management knowledge. As long as it fills in business receipts simply, the system will automatically generate all kinds of data to summarize various purchase-sell-stock financial statements.

Miall supermarket POS software

Applicable range
 Shopping malls, comprehensive department stores, large-scale storage supermarkets, variety stores, wholesale centers, green grocery, stationeries and bookstores, mother and baby products, hardware and electrical equipment, furniture cities, large-scale book cities, cosmetic exclusive shops, good apparel shops, communication equipment industries, cell phone franchise stores, glasses franchise stores, toy stores, sports goods exclusive shops, life kitchenware franchise stores, commercial trading companies in all industries, suppliers and logistics companies, etc., purchase-sale-stock companies.

Characteristics of Misall Software
 Headquarters and distribution backstage management system:

(1) Commodity management
 Merchandise categories are huge merchandise information classification.
 Commodity data maintenance (multiple filed description lay a good pavement on detailed commodity analysis).
 Multi-barcode and multi-unit management (different barcodes correspond to different units and prices. This will be more flexible and convenient).
 Commodity picture management
 Inventory backlog and insufficient warning
 Multi-angle trace analysis (commodities introduce (eliminated analysis, category analysis and single item analysis)
 Retail price, member price, cost price and wholesale customer grade price.
 Sale price tracking (maximum sale price, minimum purchase price and average sale price, etc., analysis)
 Support of multiple promotion approaches for commodities (time limit, quantity limit and time-quality limit)
 Multiple external data importing function (it can import basic information from three Excel, Aceess and SQLSERVER, etc., three formats).
 Initial commodity entering is convenient for your initial accounting.

Commodity management

(2) Supplier management
 Supplier categories should underlay different suppliers.
 Supplier data maintenance (credit line and multiple contact information)
 Collections, details and receivable situation analysis of suppliers

(3) Wholesale customer management
 Customer categories can underlay different customers.
 Wholesale customer data maintenance (credit line and multiple contact information)
 Collections, details and receivable situation analysis of customers

(4) Enterprise information
 Department data maintenance
 Employee data maintenance (gender, salary and position, etc., multiple fields)
 Shopping guide and sales man entering

(5) Warehouse data
 Every retail store corresponds to a warehouse and is convenient for checking inventory and sales of retail stores.
 Warehouse position, area and storekeeper management

(6) Foreground management
 Headquarters governs various operations of stores uniformly (permission centralized management, printing template and accounting system management, etc)
 Retail store data entering
 Basic information of retail foreground (retail stores, cashiers and shopping guides, etc.) 
 Membership card (discounts as accumulated credits, sales as member price, and fixed discounts)
 Value card entering can recharge or exchange for money consumption with card.
 Data exchange (fast speed, high efficiency and lower error rate)
 Log tracking of cashier and cashbox (master real-time daily operation of cashier and cashbox details)
 Headquarters recycles store information in time, and masters important information of sales and inventory, etc.

Front-Gathering setting

Cashier edit

(7) Purchase management
 Simple and rigorous purchasing process (order, storage, freight and payment);
 Strict permission control (purchasing process and business receipt permission control);
 Support of multiple procurement methods (payment in advance, clear stocks and settlement of payment for goods);
 Procurement analysis of multiple angles (collections and details analysis of suppliers, departments, salesmen, warehouses and procurement of commodities

Purchase Order

Payment Bill

(8) Inventory management
 Purchasing inventory management and marketing delivery management (purchasing inventory and marketing delivery)
 Inventory adjustment (other transceiver, breakage, assembly and disassembly)
 Inventory (It can realize online simultaneously inventory entering for multiple people for faster and more convenient inventory!)
 All-around warehouse information monitoring (inventory tracking, in-out stock collections and details, insufficient and overstocked warning, etc)
 Merchandise inventory tracking for different units (large-scale quantity, small-scale quantity, medium-sized quantity, and unit total quantity)

Other in-and-out bill

(9) Allocation and distribution
 Headquarters delivers to each store client in the form of allocation and delivering
 Simple and fast allocation and distribution
 Analysis of allocation and distribution (collections and details)

warehouse Allocation Bill

?(10) Wholesale sales
 Simple and rigorous purchasing process (order, storage, freight and payment);
 Strict right control (purchasing process and business receipt right control);
 Support of multiple sales methods (payment in advance, clear stocks and settlement of payment for goods);
 Sales analysis of multiple angles (collections and details analysis of suppliers, departments, salesmen, warehouses and sales of commodities

Sales Order

Sales Bill

Gathering Bill

(11) Price tracking
 Purchase price tracking (maximum purchase price, minimum purchase price and average purchase price)
 Sale price tracking (maximum sale price, minimum sale price and average sale price)

(12) Financial settlement
 Support of multiple accounting systems (sale price, purchase price and mobile weighting)
 Provision of supplier bill, payment order, account payable and accounting simplification)
 Provision of customer bill, payment order, account payable and accounting simplification)
 Comprehensive financial statement support


(13) Report statistical analysis
 Purchase-sale-stock report: purchasing report, marketing report, sales margin, report and inventory report (making preparations for enterprise operating decision)
 Price tracking analysis (purchase price and sale price), completion analysis of orders
 Account receivable and payable statistical analysis
 Cash banking summary sheet, cash banking list and account balance collections and details
 Monthly sale report, lagging marketing statistical analysis and new commodity statistic analysis
 Receipt information collections (for checking details of various business receipts)
 POS retail foreground report analysis: sales analysis of stores, sales analysis of cashiers, sales analysis of shopping guides, consumption analysis of counter units, and consumption analysis of members
 Warehouse report analysis
 Free combination support for multiple query conditions


(14) Other auxiliary functions
 (Bulletin board, memo, calculator, QA, PDA ordering and mobile client inquiry)

Foreground POS system of retail stores

(1) Foreground marketing and sales return
 Multiple ways of commodity import (barcode, number, name and Pinyin code)
 Intelligent error warning function (error barcode, commodity price and quantity, etc)
 Rigorous process control (duty and shift exchange)
 Rigorous right control (modification of price and discount, etc)
 Convenient for various basic data information and sales data

Miall supermarket POS software

(2) POS hardware support
 Ticket printer, cashbox, client viewing screen and scanning gun, etc
 Dispense with drive and simple settings

(3) Comprehensive support of member card and value card
 Member management

Member edit

(4) Disconnecting/networking work pattern
 Off-line/networking switch (marketing normally under no network state)
 Manual uploading and downloading

(5) System management
 Foreground log records all operations on POS in details and becomes convenient for checking
 Intelligent repairing function of system failure
 Selection of multiple ticket printing and contents (user-defined ways of ticket prints)

(6) Background MIS system
 Basic information data
 Store ordering and purchase control
 Store inventory management (adjustment and inventory, etc)
 Financial support of multiple stores
 Store business analysis

Applicable industries
 Exclusive shops, department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, franchised outlets and shopping centers, etc